Monday, March 29, 2010

Well Im back From Michigan

Okay well i went to Michigan in Search of a Home and did i Find one...................yes We Did yay.

so now we are packing and going to be painting and come may 1st the Gawthrop Family will be On the road again but this time we realize our roots are planted in Michigan. We miss our Church Family our lpa family and we miss my Dad. Oh and I'm sure Jon Misses his family too even though they don't get along at all but all in all I'm just thankful that my trip went well and the Hubby is still well for sure thought the Boys were gonna give him a problem and was missed by them all this could so have been a better vacation if i wasn't on a mission for a house but hey it was still nice to go and come back feeling appreciated and Missed. But while on my way to Michigan by plane i got sick 4 times in the airport bathroom(nerves worked up) and then once on the plane during take off Omg how awful to get sick on a plane and actually it wasn't even that bad i worked my nerves up for nothing but hey you live and learn is what i always tell my oldest. So with that said we are out of Tn and I have some pics to show you all unfortunately its not a house its a modular home but to us its going to be Home sweet Home. and i love you all so much for your support and your comments its good to have friends like you all. And I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

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