Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jaden Jaden Jaden.....

So Did i mention we are moving well in case you missed that chapter ill fill you in we are moving to our new house in Michigan and let me tell you Its been a real joy trying to pack as Jaden plays Houdini on us all the time so your probably wondering how do you play Houdini well In Jaden's Game its wait till mom and dad are distracted by packing up the house and Painting and taking down the swing set and just Run as fast as you can, And let me tell you if there was a marathon Race Jaden would take 1st place he is just that fast or maybe its just my poor tired over worked mommy Body until my hubby said um no he is even Fast for me. So Ilooked at him quietly to my self thinking inside my brain our is it just us both who have gained weight and we can't keep up. Any ways I love how Jaden as little as he is he can shimmy out the windows of this house and Get out and act like he is being cute when we get told by the youngest Jaden's outside We open the front door see he can't open those because he have like a major look on it that he can't reach even with a chair or stool which is why he is going out windows. He comes back as we call his name about 4 times and here comes Jaden with what he calls Momma Flowers in his hand and a charming smile on his face how can i get mad at him for that. THEN I think to myself oh yeah this only makes the 6Th time he has done this today. And i bring him inside for time out and i start packing more stuff Not long to behold His older Brother had the window open and jaden popped out the screen and went outside to play.
I finally got the other 2 boys up off the couch and said we are going outside today.
and my packing i have just decided it's gonna have to get done at night or why he is in school. yikes I'm running out of energy and time. Oh not to mention the car decided oh well lets leak coolant for fun today...........uh Ty Jon for being my Mr. Fix it right we had to spend 250.00 in parts and supplies to fix it. what else could go wrong... Well I see My kids playing with no care in the word and jaden glance at me with a smile on his face and my whole bad day just melts a way.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Well Im back From Michigan

Okay well i went to Michigan in Search of a Home and did i Find one...................yes We Did yay.

so now we are packing and going to be painting and come may 1st the Gawthrop Family will be On the road again but this time we realize our roots are planted in Michigan. We miss our Church Family our lpa family and we miss my Dad. Oh and I'm sure Jon Misses his family too even though they don't get along at all but all in all I'm just thankful that my trip went well and the Hubby is still well for sure thought the Boys were gonna give him a problem and was missed by them all this could so have been a better vacation if i wasn't on a mission for a house but hey it was still nice to go and come back feeling appreciated and Missed. But while on my way to Michigan by plane i got sick 4 times in the airport bathroom(nerves worked up) and then once on the plane during take off Omg how awful to get sick on a plane and actually it wasn't even that bad i worked my nerves up for nothing but hey you live and learn is what i always tell my oldest. So with that said we are out of Tn and I have some pics to show you all unfortunately its not a house its a modular home but to us its going to be Home sweet Home. and i love you all so much for your support and your comments its good to have friends like you all. And I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

im going home atlast

Well Ljbw followers,
im going on a trip to michigan Tuesday and looking for a new home to move back to as soon as possible I will be away from my kids and hubby for a whole week while i search for home sweet home and put a bid on one hopefully so we can blow this popcicle stand Of a state I need my Lpa family and my dad i know im only 27 but hey im a daddys girl and a year gone from michigan may not seem to long to some of you but to me thats a year that i couldn't forgive my self if anything happend to my dad thankfully he is well but i just feel better knoing we are closer then 600 miles apart if anything did happen. However i now kinda know what Kate Gosselin felt like going on business trips and worring about the household you just cant help it its a mothers role and a good wife right? or is it over protective i know Jon will do fine. i just know us woman are so much better at multi-tasking its in our nature. So Wish me Luck im taking a trip on a plane for the 1st time as an adult and im scared to death of the whole flying thing as a child i was on aplane with my gf going to huntsville ala, for space camp when i was in 6th grade and the landing gear wouldn't go down the co pilot had to acctually come out of the cockpit and manually open up the floor boards to hammer at the landing gear to go down and durring this time i over heard the flight attendents talking amongst eachother about a poss belly landing pretty scarry huh I then Immediately starting saying my prayers and boom the pilot got it to go down ty lord, and never been on a plane since that whole ordeal. Need i say more and with all the tragic stuff on the news who wouldn't be scared. But Im just taking it one day at a time and trying to focus on the goal of this trip is to find a home. Now once i get situated back in michigan i have a goal i want to become a better Lpa Mom get more involved and focus on the meaning of a good memeber whatever that may be in the Lpa's standards. So Jaden had Surgey for his mouth because alot were causing pain and with all the antibiotics he had been on as a baby in nicu and peds icu he had devloped What is called Antibiotic Riot on his upper teeth and down here in the south Educate educate educate is all the time the peds dential wanted to do it in the dentist office and i refused that i told him he needs to have it done in a hospital sleeping and i want everything monitored with anathesia and the anesistice to watch vitials and pluse ox monitored at all times because of the problems Little People can face with Anathesia just on simple surgeries. and of corse they all look at me lke im crazy till i finally told the dentist i thik it would be wise to really understand about jaden and other Lp's so he did and thankfully me talking to anathesia when we met in the room before surgery he asked me if i had any ? i politely told him no but however I have a comment Please take care of my baby im putting his life in your hands and i really need you to know that i trust you to care fo him as if he were your own. so im signing off nite

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Howdy Y'all

Well i know its been a super long time since i have blogged and i want to apologize to my followers who probably have been a little frustrated about me just disappearing on y'all well after Jon's mom passed away nearly one year ago allot has happened in our life we had moved out of Michigan to Tennessee and let me tell you 3 kids under the age of 6 what a drive and losing our home in Michigan, because of Finance problems and Family problems on the hubby's side and dealing with the schools and doctors i really have had my fair share of stuff to blog about but felt i needed a mental break to try to focus on my family and self and my hubby get through allot of grief so here we are again and this time i promise to start blogging more often. In fact im thinking about putting together a Assembly at my kids school to teach the kids about differences in People just to educate the staff and the kids about Jaden and even though he is a hypo and not an achon well he is the smallest kid in the school. and i been told by my oldest who rides the bus home with him that allot of kids make fun of his brother because of his height and i was proud to hear that my oldest told em be quiet he is special he knows the rolloffs and a bunch of other lp's this made Jon cry in sadness because he knows exactly what jaden is gonna go through and me i was proud because jaden Is one Awesome kid who has brothers who love him the way he is and i look at it as kids are gonna be mean no matter what difference you have, And i then came to my mind its Time to EDUCATE THE WHOLE SCHOOL even if they don't understand its time. so other then that i hope life is treating you all well and unfortunately we wont be able to go to Nashville for conference BC we are going to see grandpa and try to move back to Michigan I'm a Yankee and Proud of it. Not to mention i miss my Lpa family there. and the Schools and The doctors. Sorry Tennessee gotta go.
well just wanted to say Hi to you and look for more blogs man i miss this therapy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well its been a really bad time here in the Gawthrop house,
Last month Jon's mom Died suddenly on march 14Th it appears that she suffered a mini stroke at home and on the way to the hospital she had 2 Heart attacks when arriving to the hospital she was pronounced DOA (Dead on arrival) the Dr's and nurses at St. Joe's on her for 33 minutes trying to bring her back. And id like to thank those who tried their best to bring back Mom you know usually medical staff stop working on someone after 10 minutes but this Dr. Worked her for 23 minutes more then he usually works on patients. So thank you St. Joe's for all that you tried and also to HVA who tried to get her their safely and vastly. One thing i can say is man how precious is Life and family. But knowing that she got to see the Famous White light and feel no pain what so ever i can honestly say she still makes it known to us that she is with us, not physically but spiritually and not a day will go by where we don't wonder what she is doing up above. You know when people leave in a hurry and we never get to say good bye we always seem to feel horrible but in my early years at 17 my mom has passed away with stage 4 cancer and she always told me that we are never to say good bye its Ill see you later? well I truly believe that now as i have gotten older but 1 question That took me by surprise was our oldest son Blake had asked me now that grandma is dead where did she go and how did she do that so i found a video on you tube showing ND near death experiences and i told him that grandmas spirit left her body and went up to the lord. in this video it show how a persons spirit hangs around tell its time before the go to heaven. i also told him that our bodies are a shell like a snake sheds its skin and then its a new snake well when we die our shell (body) is left here and our spirit enters a new life in heaven with the lord. check out this video

all i can say is RIP CMG
Catherine Marie Gawthrop
Aug 14Th 1951-March 14Th 2009
with lots of love and missed hugs and kisses
from all 14 of your Grandchildren
Never a good bye but we will see you again someday.
Love All of your kids and Grand kids.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Upside Down inside out we are just a little bit tired.

Sorry to all of our fellow friends in the world of Blogging we have had a horrible and i mean Horrible 3 months, i have been suffering with Back pain for the last 5 years and the docs have had me on pain meds and anti inlamitory meds and still no relief and its getting worse. I Really need to have back surgey the docs think this would be the best thing for me but How? and When? and will my house still be standing as i recover, now i dont know about you other bloggers out there but Jon I love you, but um You just can't Multi task like I can and im worried will he be able to handel all 3 boys ranging in age from 5, 3, and 1. trust me there are days i don't even know how i do it. Anyone have any advice what i should do perhaps, prepare meals that Jon can just reheat, and serve. What are some great recipes to make and freeze while on a budget. im on a mission to have All the recipes i can so by june 20th when my kids are out of school i can have surgery while on summer break.
to make it a little easy on Jon so he wont have to worry about school. so any recipe ideas feel free to send em to me via email at
in subject line put food for recovery.
ty so much to all our friend here at little jaden big world.
you mean the world to us.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

OH Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree.......

Well we put up our tree friday night and Man i never really thought it would be such a pain in the you know the rest this tree was easy to put up but the real problem, is keeping the the two toddlers out of it and pulling off the orniments you see the orniments were all over the tree top to bottom but everyday more from the bottom are going to the thop of the tree, i figured that this orniment deal would be resolved and nothing more for them to play with man I was wrong now its the lights they want to play with. My son Blake picked out the colors and i thought its just blue and silver what could draw them to wanting to play with the tree its not that exciting.
ill post pics soon. because tomorrows post will have more pics from our lpa xmas party.