Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Upside Down inside out we are just a little bit tired.

Sorry to all of our fellow friends in the world of Blogging we have had a horrible and i mean Horrible 3 months, i have been suffering with Back pain for the last 5 years and the docs have had me on pain meds and anti inlamitory meds and still no relief and its getting worse. I Really need to have back surgey the docs think this would be the best thing for me but How? and When? and will my house still be standing as i recover, now i dont know about you other bloggers out there but Jon I love you, but um You just can't Multi task like I can and im worried will he be able to handel all 3 boys ranging in age from 5, 3, and 1. trust me there are days i don't even know how i do it. Anyone have any advice what i should do perhaps, prepare meals that Jon can just reheat, and serve. What are some great recipes to make and freeze while on a budget. im on a mission to have All the recipes i can so by june 20th when my kids are out of school i can have surgery while on summer break.
to make it a little easy on Jon so he wont have to worry about school. so any recipe ideas feel free to send em to me via email at sonyagaw7@hotmail.com
in subject line put food for recovery.
ty so much to all our friend here at little jaden big world.
you mean the world to us.


Kim said...

You poor thing! I was wondering what was going on since you had not posted in forever. I am really praying for you guys! I am the worst for cooking-but are any grocery stores by you into doing prepared meals? I know down here in VA we have this one store that prepares dinner soup to nuts for cheap or has pre made mashed potatos, mac n'cheese etc. Might be something worth looking into!

Tonya said...

WOW! You have been busy!! The only advice I can give is when you make meals make them extra large so there are enough left over that can be frozen.

Give me a call when you feel up too it!!