Thursday, April 9, 2009


Well its been a really bad time here in the Gawthrop house,
Last month Jon's mom Died suddenly on march 14Th it appears that she suffered a mini stroke at home and on the way to the hospital she had 2 Heart attacks when arriving to the hospital she was pronounced DOA (Dead on arrival) the Dr's and nurses at St. Joe's on her for 33 minutes trying to bring her back. And id like to thank those who tried their best to bring back Mom you know usually medical staff stop working on someone after 10 minutes but this Dr. Worked her for 23 minutes more then he usually works on patients. So thank you St. Joe's for all that you tried and also to HVA who tried to get her their safely and vastly. One thing i can say is man how precious is Life and family. But knowing that she got to see the Famous White light and feel no pain what so ever i can honestly say she still makes it known to us that she is with us, not physically but spiritually and not a day will go by where we don't wonder what she is doing up above. You know when people leave in a hurry and we never get to say good bye we always seem to feel horrible but in my early years at 17 my mom has passed away with stage 4 cancer and she always told me that we are never to say good bye its Ill see you later? well I truly believe that now as i have gotten older but 1 question That took me by surprise was our oldest son Blake had asked me now that grandma is dead where did she go and how did she do that so i found a video on you tube showing ND near death experiences and i told him that grandmas spirit left her body and went up to the lord. in this video it show how a persons spirit hangs around tell its time before the go to heaven. i also told him that our bodies are a shell like a snake sheds its skin and then its a new snake well when we die our shell (body) is left here and our spirit enters a new life in heaven with the lord. check out this video

all i can say is RIP CMG
Catherine Marie Gawthrop
Aug 14Th 1951-March 14Th 2009
with lots of love and missed hugs and kisses
from all 14 of your Grandchildren
Never a good bye but we will see you again someday.
Love All of your kids and Grand kids.


Tonya said...

Sonya, I am so sorry to hear about Jon's mom! She sounds like a wonderful women and will be greatly missed by the whole family! If you want to talk, call me!

Kim said...

So sorry to hear about Jon's mother. but you are right-she is with you everyday and she is watching over you every step of the way!
Hugs, Kim

Bobbi said...

I'm sorry to hear about the death of Jon's mother. I know you're family will miss her dearly, but you will see her again. The you-tube video you attached was amazing. God Bless!