Thursday, March 4, 2010

Howdy Y'all

Well i know its been a super long time since i have blogged and i want to apologize to my followers who probably have been a little frustrated about me just disappearing on y'all well after Jon's mom passed away nearly one year ago allot has happened in our life we had moved out of Michigan to Tennessee and let me tell you 3 kids under the age of 6 what a drive and losing our home in Michigan, because of Finance problems and Family problems on the hubby's side and dealing with the schools and doctors i really have had my fair share of stuff to blog about but felt i needed a mental break to try to focus on my family and self and my hubby get through allot of grief so here we are again and this time i promise to start blogging more often. In fact im thinking about putting together a Assembly at my kids school to teach the kids about differences in People just to educate the staff and the kids about Jaden and even though he is a hypo and not an achon well he is the smallest kid in the school. and i been told by my oldest who rides the bus home with him that allot of kids make fun of his brother because of his height and i was proud to hear that my oldest told em be quiet he is special he knows the rolloffs and a bunch of other lp's this made Jon cry in sadness because he knows exactly what jaden is gonna go through and me i was proud because jaden Is one Awesome kid who has brothers who love him the way he is and i look at it as kids are gonna be mean no matter what difference you have, And i then came to my mind its Time to EDUCATE THE WHOLE SCHOOL even if they don't understand its time. so other then that i hope life is treating you all well and unfortunately we wont be able to go to Nashville for conference BC we are going to see grandpa and try to move back to Michigan I'm a Yankee and Proud of it. Not to mention i miss my Lpa family there. and the Schools and The doctors. Sorry Tennessee gotta go.
well just wanted to say Hi to you and look for more blogs man i miss this therapy.


Andrea said...

Welcome back!! I hope you make it back to Michigan soon.

I just a found a few more hypo blogs out there. They're on the side bar of my blog if you want to check them out.

Anonymous said...
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